Sunday Drive

A campsite on the river

I love to wander. More often than not, I’ll head out the door with Molly and have no idea where I’m going, how long I’ll be gone, or what I’ll find. For whatever reason, I’m just compelled to see what’s out there. Wherever “there” happens to be on any given day.

The other Sunday, Molly and I got into the car after church. (Yes, Molly goes to church with me. Don’t you bring your dog to church?) I got behind the wheel expecting to go home.

Instead, I found myself cruising the highway out of town. I guess I was in a thoughtful mood. I find traveling–by foot or by car–conducive to thinking.

Pretty soon I discovered a quiet little road that wound past sleepy farmsteads.

Then I found a sign: “Boat Launch & Campsite.”

I turned in.

It was the tiniest little park on the edge of the river. Several picnic tables perched on the bank overlooking the water. A steep road led down to the launch.

Molly and I got out of the car and started walking around. (FYI, I go to church dressed for the possibility of unexpected adventures. For reasons which should now be apparent.) A short jaunt led us to a stand of some of the hugest cottonwoods I’d ever seen, and nestled beneath them, on the edge of the riverbank, a single campsite marked by a picnic table and a fire ring.

Yes, one campsite.

As in, no neighbors.

If you wanted a place to get away from it all, this was pretty much it. I’m guessing next summer is very likely to find my tent pitched underneath those ancient cottonwoods.

So maybe there is a point to pointless wandering. You never know what you’ll discover.

And yes, always go to church dressed for adventure.

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