Snowed Under

DSC01290 (600x800)Hey, everybody! Molly here. My girl asked me to drop in and leave a note for all our friends who read our blog.

My girl says she’s awfully busy right now, and I guess she must be, cuz I haven’t even had my daily bike ride in a while. (Which is okay. It’s been kinda hot, anyway.)

We’ve been traveling a lot (woo-hoo!) and we’re gonna be traveling some more (and camping!) and she’s got paper and pencils and folders scattered all over the living room like cat toys, so she must be up to somethin’ …

Anyhoo, she wanted me to let you all know that there won’t be much going on here at the blog for a while, maybe a week or two or at the worst three. But she’s got photos of our latest adventures pre-scheduled on our Facebook page for a while yet, so it won’t be like we totally dropped off the face of the earth. And we’ll still be watching your comments here and on Facebook. Just no stories for a little while, that’s all.

But when we come back–boy, will we have stories to tell! I can hardly wait.

So she says thanks for your understanding (or something stuffy like that), and I say a puppy kiss says it all. We’ll check in with ya later!

~Molly the Adventure Dog

2 thoughts on “Snowed Under

    • Hi, Larry! *Wags tail, gives puppy kisses* Not that my girl and I will be going on car rides for the whole three weeks. Just that we WILL be going on car rides (full-body tail wag, bouncing on front paws) and that she’s got, like, a kazillion other things going on. But we’re definitely gonna have fun! Sniff Abby and Blue’s butts for me!


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