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Hey, guys! Molly the Adventure Dog here again! I had to drop in and write an unscheduled post to share the big news!

Okay, big to me …

This Sunday, September 21, my girl and I are walking for a cause. We’re participating in Shaggy Shuffle, an epic mass dog walk to raise money for Central Dakota Humane Society in Mandan, North Dakota. CDHS is a no-kill shelter that houses about 50 dogs and 70 cats at any given time–but thousands of animals have set paw through their doors since they first opened.

And in case you didn’t know, CDHS is where my girl met ME!!!

The humans at CDHS are THE BEST.

  • We get more toys than we’ll ever know what to do with.
  • We get treats, too!
  • We get to go outside lots every day.
  • We get to play with other dogs and cats (if we want).
  • We get to play with volunteers every day.
  • We get vet care as long as we’re at the shelter.
  • We get to be loved by the staff as if we belonged to THEM.
  • We get to go on to our furever homes, hand-picked by our shelter family.

On top of that, CDHS is honestly, really, truly no-kill. If we’re too sick or crabby to be adopted, we live pampered lives with our shelter family to the very end. Even the crankiest dogs and cats bond with their special staff member or volunteer! (Like my kitty sister Juliean …)

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CDHS gave me a new life–but some of my fur friends are still waiting for homes!

Will you help out? My girl and I would be so happy if you went to our Shaggy Shuffle page and pitched in. Donations go straight to the pets! CDHS runs entirely on donations, memberships, and fundraisers, so your help really counts!

To donate to CDHS in honor of my girl and me …

  • Go straight to our donation page.
  • Or click here and type “Danielle Hanna” in the box on the right where it says “Find and Donate to a Walker.”
  • To learn more about Shaggy Shuffle, go here! If you’re nearby, why not come join us?

Thanks a bunch! If I had a million antler chews, they’d all be yours. (Except maybe I’d keep just one …)

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