I Love Google “Tilt the View”

01 St Mary Campground Screenshot (640x360)I’m more or less indifferent about the new version of Google Maps, except for two things.

  1. I miss the little yellow stick figure guy
  2. I love Tilt the View!

Street View

The little yellow stick figure was SO MUCH FUN! Click, drag, and drop him almost anywhere on the map and get the street view. Of course, street view is still available in the new Google Maps, but while clicking anywhere on the map is convenient, it’s just not half as much fun as dropping a stick figure down from on high without a parachute.

Thankfully, I can still access the old version of Google Maps anytime I miss the stick figure guy.Let’s face it: Puppies, kittens, and stick figures are the cutest things on earth.

Tilt the View

On the flip side, my favorite part about the new Google Maps is Tilt the View. This feature is available when viewing the map as a satellite image. You click “Earth” in the lower left corner (to access satellite view), you zoom in as far as you like, and you click the icon on the lower right that looks like a window pane tilted flat.

And presto! You get a view that makes you feel like a little airplane zooming over the landscape. I always wanted a pilot’s license …

Why I Like Tilt the View

Aside from totally awesome images, it’s a really fun way to get an idea of the road ahead. What’s the elevation like? Where do trees stop and open landscapes begin? How far from the town to the lake?

Plus you’ll find a banner of images along the bottom of the screen. When you hover over the image, it draws a dotted line to a point on the map. What a cool way to locate areas of interest!

02 Apgar Campground Screenshot (640x360)It’s also a fun way to explore campgrounds in an area I’m thinking about visiting. Search for “campgrounds near (fill in the blank),” then tilt the view and get a comprehensive idea of what the scenery is going to be like in your destination. In the view on the left, we’re facing south. The mountain scenery and the lake look amazing, and there’s a town just in the distance. But if you were looking forward to beautiful sunrises over the lake, note that there’s a mountain in the way. (Also read that: mornings are likely to be chilly.)

Now all I want is to see the yellow stick figure guy go skydiving through Tilt the View …

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