How to Pack for the Adventure of a Lifetime

How to pack for the adventure of a lifetime

I’m supposed to pack light, huh? Does this mean I can’t bring my favorite lake? –Molly 

I love traveling light. I consider it a personal challenge to see how little I can get by with. For road trips, I typically manage to fit everything inside a single backpack, including a big, fat book to read (or two or three little ones).

The RV will be the ultimate challenge in traveling light. And I’ve already failed. At least I fit inside a demographic: I heard it said once that most new RVers tend to overpack.

A sage piece of back country camping advice states that everything you carry should have two uses. Why carry a dinner knife if you can use your pocket knife? Applying the same advice to RVing, why carry a carrot peeler if you can use a pearing knife?

This may be, but I still prefer the carrot peeler.

Then there are certain things which just don’t have multiple uses. Like my personal-size blender. Unless you consider iced smoothies versus ice cream smoothies to be “multiple uses.” (I do.) Besides, it’s a very small blender. Right?

Furthermore, there are certain things I’d never leave home without. Like my banjo. Otherwise, I ask you, what’s the use of a campfire and s’mores?! And if it’s any relief, I’m leaving the piano behind.

Even if I fail at packing light, I hope to make smart use of my storage space. My goal, when it’s all said and done, is to have a place for everything and everything in its place, without unsightly messes. We’ll see if I succeed.

Does stacking boxes in the bathtub and closing the shower curtain count? Just asking.

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