St. Patrick’s Day is one of my favorite holidays. In fact, if you jump over to my Facebook page today, you’ll find it emblazoned with beautiful Irish proverbs in honor of the holiday.

I’m Scots-Irish–which is the same as saying I’m not Irish at all. If you read the history, the Scots-Irish were settlers from Scotland who moved in on the Irish in the 1600s and essentially reduced them to slaves before hopping over to America in the 1700’s and 1800’s.

So I’m not Irish. But I’m head-over-heels for Irish music. FYI, I’m probably the first and last person you’ve ever met who is specifically a fan of Irish banjo music. Such as the following:

But secondly, green is my favorite color. And on St. Patrick’s Day, green is everywhere!

Let me clarify. When I say green is my favorite color, I’m talking about a deep, soothing hunter’s green or a warm heather green. Not lime green. And, as a mater of fact, not Kelly green. Which is the most common shade of green running around on St. Patrick’s Day. Unfortunate travesty, but I’ll let it slide.

So while everybody is celebrating with their chosen shade of green, here’s why I’m so thrilled about the color:

  • It’s a very relaxing color. I find it very peaceful.
  • It’s associated with the “go green” movement. (Take care of our planet!)
  • It’s the color that symbolizes life and living things.

But most importantly, green reminds me of being outdoors. I’m never happier than when I’m in the middle of nowhere, just Molly and me, surrounded by peaceful, living things. Green reminds me of some of my favorite places, like my deer trail and Fort Lincoln (which is very green in the spring!).

So whether you’re Irish or just wish you were, happy St. Patrick’s Day. May an adventure in the green outdoors never be far from you. (My stab at an Irish proverb.)

6 thoughts on “Green

  1. 🙂 !! Have you noticed the number of birds on the move? I am waiting for the wood ducks. They nest in the park in my back yard and I just love to hear them take off. Their alarming call / cry is sure sign of spring. Nice post!

  2. I can’t wait for the great outdoors to turn all of the glorious shades of green and then I can add the other colors. Unfortunately my vast estate shrinks back down to a tiny yard when the snow vanishes.
    Around here we celebrate St. Pat’s day even though Gordo is more Lab than I am Irish! Ha!

    • Your Southwest Garden is always beautiful–not to mention your open-air art studio! And who cares whether or not you’re Irish? I hear you don’t have to be Norwegian to join the Sons of Norway. Some clubs just aren’t as exclusive as the whole Mayflower thing …

  3. A Robin, Blue Jay, and an Eurasian Dove but no Wood Ducks? Canada Geese, Starlings, and Northern Flickers…. Hmm? Impatient – I know. The hardy Nuthatchers, Chickadees, and Gray Buntings….. Fingers and toes tapping… Ha! Will let you know.

    • Haha. Nature does things in her own time. In the meantime, you’ve listed many of my favorite birds! I’ve seen many of those guys around lately. Woodpeckers, too.

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