Dog Traveling Theory – A Post by Molly

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On our Minnesota camping trip, Molly was so excited to arrive … at the rest stop.

I didn’t know we were going anywhere today.

I have no concept I need to bring stuff with me–like food and a car ride harness and my favorite blankie. I don’t know we aren’t going to be home for supper.

I don’t know how far we’re going or how long it’ll take us to get there or how long we’ll be gone–it could be a quick trip to the pet supply store for all I know, or a week-long vacation someplace I’ve never been.

I didn’t realize the rest stop wasn’t the final destination.

In short, I don’t know what’s going on, but I’m loving every minute, and I’m so happy to be with my girl! Wherever we go, we’re going there together.

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