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Hi, my name is Danielle Hanna–better known as Molly and Juliean‘s mom. I have a thing for adventure and a thing for pets and another thing for writing, and when I combined the three, I ended up with this blog, Embark on Adventure. All the stories you read here are true–and yes, I really did drive a patrol car.

When I’m not out hiking, biking, and camping with the furkids, I’m a full-time author, working on my crime fiction titles under the tagline “Hearth & Homicide.” You can check out my books and blog at www.DanielleHanna.com.

Danielle Hanna
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6 thoughts on “About Danielle

  1. Good morning Molly, (5 a.m.)

    We see that you love being outdoors and exploring so we would like to recommend a nice place to walk where you can be off leash. Lots of great smells, nice river views, and close to home. Camp Neche girl scout camp/East Sibly park. The ticks season is over, the leaves will soon be changing. and many migrating birds will be stopping by the river for a rest stop. Ask your person and maybe we will see you out there.
    Abby and Blue

    • Abbey and Blue,

      So sorry I missed your invitation! My girl and I were busy making preparations for a very exciting new adventure. (I think she’s going to write about it here sometime.) Maybe I can talk my girl into bringing me there another time soon. We always like your company!


  2. Hello Danielle,
    Would you consider ideas for topics while on your trip? How about animal bridges and tunnels? They are used to keep animals off of highways. They seem to be successful. You will see some of them as you travel.
    Best of luck, Larry

    • I’ve thought about snowshoes, too. But I’ve already had a go at cross-country skiing and really enjoyed it, so it comes higher on the list of things to do. 🙂

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