Chocolate Lake

A whole lake? Made out of chocolate??? Yes! At least that’s what it looked like … Good, clean mud never kept Molly from going swim-swim!

P.S. It’s two for one this week! I was invited to guest post on Karen R. Sanderson’s Blog as part of a series of posts about our great state of North Dakota. The irony? The video above features a scoria beach. The post below is all about a scoria road. I guess it’s Scoria Week!


Scoria Road, a guest post on Karen R. Sanderson’s Blog

DSC00559 (640x478)

Instead of getting me into trouble–like you’d think it would–my bent for aimless wandering keeps turning up new treasures I never would have found any other way.

My dog Molly and I were driving home on Highway 83 one day. The sky was blue and full of big summer clouds and the pastures were the vivid green you only see in North Dakota in spring, before the Indian summers scorch everything brown. …” Go read it!

8 thoughts on “Chocolate Lake

  1. Are you sure you don’t want to write for the Tribune? Great story. Do you know if you can submit story ideas to local publications? Do you have any big travel plans for the rest of this year? Good Luck!

    • Well, Larry, awfully busy with other writing projects right now (a couple of books in the works), so while I love local publications, I’m afraid I just don’t have time!

      As to travel plans, YES. In fact, more than I even planned on! Stay tuned … 🙂

    • Lake Sakakawea is a massive reservoir created by the Garrison Dam across the Missouri River. The Missouri’s nickname is the Big Muddy–because the water is so muddy. The lake and the river aren’t usually quite this brown–but the high wind that day was churning up the mud from the bottom and turning the whole lake chocolate-y.

      And yes, I let my dog swim in it anyway. What fun is there in staying clean? Haha.

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