Biggest Adventure Yet

Dog-Mounted GoPro

Hey, guys! Molly the Adventure Dog, here. I’ve been so excited to finally share my latest video with you! I made it myself!

Last summer, my girl and I went on the longest car ride ever–all the way to Lake Geneva Wisconsin! (You’re almost in Chicago once you’ve gone that far!) My girl was doing research for a novel. I wanted so bad to help. So she gave me her GoPro camera and said I could record her reference footage of the town!

We also camped and hiked in the amazing Dalles of the St. Croix River, on the opposite end of Wisconsin from Lake Geneva. It felt like we were in the mountains! My girl and I had the best time ever.

We’re Back! Lots of Big News!


DSC01295 (588x800)

Photo by Robert Hanna

Hi, guys! Molly the Adventure Dog here. We’re back! My girl says thanks so much for all your patience these past few weeks. She’s been really busy! And we’ve been everywhere! We can’t wait to tell you all about our adventures!

Okay, that’s the good news. The bad news is that my girl has decided she needs to re-prioritize her time. I drooped my ears and asked her if that meant no more adventures, and she said, “No, no, Molly! We’ll always have adventures!”

(Wagging my tail.)

But it does mean she’ll only be writing about them once a month here at Embark on Adventure.

Okay, back to the good news. The reason she’s gotta cut back is because she’s working on some BIG projects! Check it out!

  • She has a new author website and blog for her fiction and non-fiction books:
  • You can also follow her on Twitter! @DanielleLHanna
  • She’ll be finishing a how-to ebook for writers this year. It’s also part autobiography, because it’s inspired by her own journal: Journaling to Become a Better Writer
  • She’ll be putting out her first novel next year: Mailboat. One of our big adventures this summer was a research trip for the novel! Can’t wait to tell you all about it!

And in case you’re not impressed (I’m so proud of my girl!), check out the interview she just had with multi-published author Tami Lund! Journaling to Become a Better Writer: Author Interview with Danielle Hanna.

In either October or November, she’ll also be in an interview with journaling expert Nathan Ohren on his JournalTalk podcast. We’ll be sure to let you know when the interview is live!

Lots of stuff goin’ on here! I’m so excited, I’m chasing my tail! (What there is of it.)

We’ll start blogging about our big adventures next month. In the meantime, we’ll have pictures on the Facebook page! If you don’t want to miss a single post, the best way is to subscribe to the blog. We’ll put a note in your inbox letting you know when we have new adventures up!

Thanks everybody for being patient while things have been so busy! We love all our readers! (Puppy kisses!)

Snowed Under

DSC01290 (600x800)Hey, everybody! Molly here. My girl asked me to drop in and leave a note for all our friends who read our blog.

My girl says she’s awfully busy right now, and I guess she must be, cuz I haven’t even had my daily bike ride in a while. (Which is okay. It’s been kinda hot, anyway.)

We’ve been traveling a lot (woo-hoo!) and we’re gonna be traveling some more (and camping!) and she’s got paper and pencils and folders scattered all over the living room like cat toys, so she must be up to somethin’ …

Anyhoo, she wanted me to let you all know that there won’t be much going on here at the blog for a while, maybe a week or two or at the worst three. But she’s got photos of our latest adventures pre-scheduled on our Facebook page for a while yet, so it won’t be like we totally dropped off the face of the earth. And we’ll still be watching your comments here and on Facebook. Just no stories for a little while, that’s all.

But when we come back–boy, will we have stories to tell! I can hardly wait.

So she says thanks for your understanding (or something stuffy like that), and I say a puppy kiss says it all. We’ll check in with ya later!

~Molly the Adventure Dog

Down the Winding Road

Well, we did it again. Got in the car and ended up God knows where. Certainly not where we planned on going. But you know. We saw a sign on the side of the highway. We hit the brakes and the blinker and took a turn we hadn’t expected. Ended up shooting this video on the banks of beautiful Lake Sakakawea, North Dakota.

P.S. Happy Birthday, Molly! (April 15th)