Biggest Adventure Yet

Dog-Mounted GoPro

Hey, guys! Molly the Adventure Dog, here. I’ve been so excited to finally share my latest video with you! I made it myself!

Last summer, my girl and I went on the longest car ride ever–all the way to Lake Geneva Wisconsin! (You’re almost in Chicago once you’ve gone that far!) My girl was doing research for a novel. I wanted so bad to help. So she gave me her GoPro camera and said I could record her reference footage of the town!

We also camped and hiked in the amazing Dalles of the St. Croix River, on the opposite end of Wisconsin from Lake Geneva. It felt like we were in the mountains! My girl and I had the best time ever.

9 thoughts on “Biggest Adventure Yet

    • Hi! (wags tail, sniffs shoes) Nice to meet you! Glad you liked my video! The scenery was great. I wish you could have smelled it!
      ~Molly the Adventure Dog

    • Thank you, Somer! This was really fun. Isn’t it interesting to see the world from two feet off the ground?

    • (wags tail) Hi, Larry! (puppy kisses) Glad you liked my video! Don’t you think I can start working for National Geographic now??? ~Molly the Adventure Dog

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