And Kitty Makes Three

Juliean the Adventure Kitty

Juliean the Adventure Kitty

I’ve been sitting on a secret for a LONG time now, and can finally make the big announcement.

Molly has a new sister.

Her name is Juliean, and she’s a brown and white tabby. Like Molly, I adopted her from my local humane society.

She’s the perfect fit for Molly and me. She loves to be outdoors and will go for walks with her leash and harness. She’s okay with car rides, too. And yes, she was totally going to come with us on our camper adventure. She got to see the camper a couple of times (before its epic break-down) and made herself completely at home.

Can cats go on adventures, too? Juliean thinks so. I don’t know how good she’d be at hiking, but she loves the outdoors so much, I wouldn’t be surprised if she enjoyed camping. May have to experiment with that next summer …

Pawnotes from Molly

Molly adoring Juliean

My idol. I heart her so bad!

I love my new kitty! Two years ago, my first kitty sister Angus passed away, and I missed her something awful.

I was so surprised when my girl brought Juliean home! Just for me! I’ve been following my kitty around non-stop, whining and begging her to play with me. I’m not sure why she’s hiding under the bed now.

Pawnotes from Juliean

Juliean on desk

I’ve taken over my human’s work station.

Stupid dog.

She’s okay. But I love my human. I lived at the shelter for two years, and no one would adopt me. I was mad because I lived in a room with twenty–TWENTY–other cats. I hated them all. The happy, snugly cats and the playful kittens would all get adopted, but nobody wanted me.

My human saw past my frown, and when she brought me home, where there were no other cats, I started to purr and just couldn’t quit.

And she gives me crinkly wrappers to play with, and she takes me outside and follows me everywhere I want to go. I will love my human forever.

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