About Molly

Molly the Adventure DogHi, my name is Molly the Adventure Dog. I’m half German Shepherd and half Rottweiler and 100% the best dog in the world–or so my girl tells me!

I was a stray who ended up at a humane society. Not long afterwards, my girl started volunteering there, and we sort of fell in love with each other. She brought me home in October 2010 and we’ve been besties ever since!

She’s the perfect girl for me. She knew I really wanted to learn, so she’s taught me all sorts of fun games–like “come” and “sit” and “heel.” I’ve got so good, she can take me practically anywhere, and that’s a lot of what this blog is about. Whenever we can, my girl and I go hiking, biking, and camping and even explore interesting shops and museums together.

I hope you’ll enjoy reading about all our adventures. My girl lets me write stuff sometimes, too!

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