About Juliean

Juliean the Adventure KittyMy name is Juliean. I was once a stray no one wanted. Perhaps because I’m a feline who knows my mind and calls things the way I see them. For instance, I hate cats. I lived at a shelter for two years–in a room with twenty other cats–and was miserable out of my wits.

My human hated me when she first met me. I was always picking fights with the other cats, and she’d have to break us up. (For the record, THEY started it. They would LOOK at me!) But my human turned out to be unusually perceptive. She finally understood that I felt insecure because my previous humans had taken my claws away. After that, she started teaching the other cats to give me a lot of space. I appreciated that–and I actually started to purr again.

Finally, my human brought me home in November 2013. Her dog is a clumsy brute, but there are NO CATS. I will always be a little crabby–just to keep the human and the dog in line–but I do purr now more than I ever used to.

I do have one thing in common with my human and her dog. I love the outdoors. As a final note–I’m not sure why my human spends so much time on this blog writing about her dog. Clearly the feline of the household would make more interesting reading!

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