10 Places I Really Want to See

I always said my dream home would be a little house with a big yard. I didn’t exactly have an RV in mind when I said that, but what d’ya know? My house on wheels is just 23 feet long, and my yard pretty much covers the North American continent.

It’s going to take me a while to explore these extensive grounds. So here are ten places I’d really like to see (in no particular order):

Yosemite National Park

2013-10-20 Illilouette_Fall_08911 Yosemite National Park - Wikimedia Commons (480x640)

Mountains, forests, waterfalls … The pictures remind me of the opening scenes of Disney’s Snow White. According to the Yosemite National Park website, most of the park is operating normally despite the Rim Fire.





New England in the Autumn

2013-10-20 800px-Vermont_fall_covered_bridge_2009 - Wikimedia Commons (640x414)

I don’t know if it’s true, but I picture New England as a quiet place time forgot, where the rivers roll lazily and horses’ hooves clop across covered bridges as they haul wagons brimming with maple syrup. (Oh, never mind. Syrup season is in spring.)

Cape Disappointment State Park, Washington 

2013-10-20 Cape_Disappointment_and_Cape_Disappointment_Light - Wikimedia Commons (640x428)

I saw the name on a map and knew I wanted to go. One story behind its strange name says that Lewis and Clark, upon reaching the Pacific Ocean, hoped to meet a ship that would take them back home. No such luck. Cape Disappointment also holds the title as one of the foggiest locales in the US.

Fort Jefferson, Florida

2013-10-20 Fort-Jefferson_Dry-Tortugas - Wikimedia Commons (640x425)

I could think of worse places to serve time. This fort in the Florida Keys remained in Union hands during the Civil War and was used as a prison. Not too sure how I’d get the RV there …


Grand Canyon

2013-10-20 Grand Canyon - Wikimedia Commons (640x190)

Okay, sorry, this one’s just obvious.

Kentucky Horse Farms

2013-10-20 Kentucky_horse_farm - Wikimedia Commons (640x480)

Kentucky’s famous blue grass pastures … idyllic farm scenes … and grandiose stables that put the Walt Disney Castle to shame.




Atlantic Coast Lighthouses

2013-10-20 Portland,_Maine_Lighthouse - Wikimedia Commons (640x480)

Any one will do. Particularly if it’s really cute, and if there’s brightly-painted fishing boats on the water, and if there’s 30 different seafood restaurants in town (even though I can’t stand seafood–I’m just there for the ambiance).


Sequoia National Park

2013-10-20 Sequoia_Tunnel_Tree - Wikimedia Commons (516x364)More modern pictures reveal that the park system still hasn’t finished removing this dead tree. (But who’s complaining?)




Cape Breton, Nova Scotia

2013-10-20 400px-Bagpiper_in_Edinburgh_001 - Wikimedia Commons (400x600)As close to Scotland and Ireland as my RV will ever get! Fiddles, pipes, bodhráns, sword dancing, step dancing … even the signs along the highways are written in both English and Gaelic.




Glacier National Park

2013-10-20 Saint_Mary_Lake_and_Wildgoose_Island - Wikimedia Commons (600x399)Okay, I did save the best for last. More than anywhere else in the world, I want to see Glacier National Park. I was in Colorado once and fell in love with the Rockies, but not with the major metropolitan areas nearby. Montana is pretty sparsely populated, and that’s what I call paradise–a place where you can be alone with nature and with God and with your thoughts.

Some of the places I’ve listed are pretty well known, but the ones I’m most excited to find are the places no one’s ever heard of before. The quiet retreats you share with five or six other campers, the off-season locales, or the forgotten nooks you can have all to yourself.

What about you? Where do you most want to go? Leave me a comment, and you might tempt me to alter my “top 10” list!


5 thoughts on “10 Places I Really Want to See

  1. Sounds Great! I would like to recommend Julian California. Do you like apple pie? This small mountain town east of San Diego was known for homemade apple pie. Walking the streets, you could smell the pies baking as you passed each shop. That was 20 years ago since I was there last but yum. Good Luck.

    • Larry,

      You’ve sold me! I’ll put it on the “to see” list, particularly since the name of this town is strangely related to a certain furry friend who will be joining Molly and me on our travels soon … 🙂

      ~Danielle & Molly

    • Larry,

      I just visited the town of Julian virtually online. Yes, they’re still known for their apple pies! Also spotted a campground that has my interest … Thanks for the tip! I really want to see this place. 🙂

      Danielle & Molly

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