2 thoughts on “Molly Takes Over the Camera

  1. Danielle! That was FANTASTIC! Was the music played by you? You are on your way!
    Great Job by Molly. Do you need a cat stand-tree thingy for Julian? We have one that our cats can’t climb because of their old age. You can have it if you want. Once again, Great job! The video was very enjoyable to watch.

    • Larry,

      Sadly, no, that was not me playing the banjo. I was lazy and used a piece by the Irish banjoist Damien O’Kane. Love his music! Molly says she’s glad you liked her movie–but I think it’s going to her head. All she talks about now is Ken Burns and Peter Jackson … As to the cat tree, Juliean says YES! I made her one out of cardboard boxes and she loves it, but obviously I’d like to give her something better. I’ll email you. 🙂


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